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Walking in the rain

One of things people say about the weather in Prince George (well, one of the things we can actually publish) is, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes”.

Well, the end of last week may have been five-minute weather, but it was quite changeable. The funny thing was, it was somewhat predictable. The mornings were sunny or at least mainly sunny.

Then, after noon, the winds would pick up a bit, but not to hurricane-force or anything like that. And then the rain and thunderstorms would come.

I separate them because there was at least one day where I heard a lot of thunder and saw some lightning, but there was no rain. Then, a few minutes later, the thunder and lightning stopped and it started to pour. A few minutes later, the rain stopped and there was a bit more thunder and lightning.

The next day, at almost the exact same time in the afternoon, a near carbon copy, weather-wise. Not quite as much thunder and lightning from where I was, but again, it just poured for a while, then stopped suddenly.

The day after that, we got past that time in the afternoon with no storm action, and I figured we were safe.

Wrong! About an hour later, there wasn’t much in the way of thunder and lightning but there was a lot of rain again.

The one thing I took away from the weather last week was that the mornings seemed to be a good time to go walking outside. I walked around the neighbourhood one day and then over at Masich Place Stadium a couple of others. I’m finding that by walking on a more-regular basis, I seem to be able to walk farther before collapsing in a quivering mass, my legs unable to take another step.

That’s not to say my legs are happy about having to finish the walk each day by climbing the stairs to my apartment, but at least they’re no longer insisting on stopping after the first flight of seven steps for five minutes before taking on the next flight of eight steps.

Because I am something of a coward about walking in bad weather, I suspect I will be using Masich Place a fair bit more than I have in previous years. After all, if I’m walking there, I’m never more than about 400 metres from my car if it starts raining.

If I’m out walking in the neighbourhood, I could be a kilometre away, which means a whole lot of wet before I get home

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