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Flood watch issued for areas in the northeast

The River Forecast Centre has issued flood watches for northeast British Columbia including areas around Fort Nelson and the Northern Rocky Mountains;  and the Liard River including tributaries around Fort Nelson and Highway 97 towards Watson Lake.

The River Forecast Centre is maintaining a high streamflow advisory for Swift River, and other streams and rivers in the most northwest section of the province.

Flows have generally been easing through the region over the past few days. A low-pressure system is expected to pass across British Columbia over the next few days. This is forecast to bring moderate to heavy rainfall for areas of northeast B.C., with upwards of 30-50mm forecast through Thursday. Higher, or lower, amounts of rainfall are possible.

River levels are expected to see rapid rises on Wednesday and into Thursday in response to rainfall. This includes areas around Fort Nelson and in the northern Rocky Mountains, including the Muskwa River, Kechika River, Toad River and surrounding tributaries.

The public is advised to stay clear of the fast-flowing rivers and potentially unstable riverbanks
during the high-streamflow period.
Be prepared and know your hazards.

The River Forecast Centre continues to monitor the conditions and will provide updates as
conditions warrant.

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