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Prince George RCMP thank witnesses for calling in weapons complaint

The Airsoft rifle relinquished to police.

At 6 p.m. on May 25, Prince George RCMP received multiple calls from witnesses stating they saw a man walking down the road with what appeared to be a rifle.

Officers flooded the area of Fifth Avenue and Gillett Street, looking for the man. The weapon was described as a large black rifle and witnesses stated the man was pointing the firearm down driveways and waving it around.

“We want to thank those people who called in with updates on the man’s location and to those in the area who gave our police officers directions on where he was last seen,” said Cpl. Jennifer Cooper, Media Relations Officer for the Prince George RCMP. “This helped our investigators locate the suspect quickly. This type of call will always be met with an immediate and large police presence, as there is no way to determine from a glance if the firearm is real or a replica. For the safety of the public and our police officers, we must assume that it is a real firearm and act in accordance with our training for these scenarios.”

The man was located by police and the gun was an Airsoft rifle. Police say he is not known to police for any similar incidents. The firearm was relinquished to police.

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