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What happens when you misplace your car but it’s right where you left it?

Saturday, early afternoon, I leave my apartment and walk to the street next to it.

I see my car across the street, and start to walk to it and then realize that can’t be my car. You see, on Saturday I was doing a couple of remotes for REWIND and the River, which meant I was using the station truck, because there is no way the gear is going to fit in my Toyota Yaris.

What I do on days I have a remote (or two) is drive my car down to the station, park it and take the truck. So there was no way (I hoped) that my car could be parked at my apartment building Saturday afternoon.
The truck was still there, so I continued on the remotes, which included packing all the equipment from both of them into the truck at the end of the day.

This involved what I sometimes call “reverse Jenga.” Jenga, for those who may not know, is a game where a tower is made out of wooden blocks and players take turns withdrawing one at a time, trying not to topple the tower.

I call what I do reverse Jenga because I’m taking items and trying to figure out how to fit them into a defined space. I’m also trying to do it in such a way that I don’t have to unpack everything each time and repack it.

Of course, when I get back to the station at the end of the remotes, I then have to unpack everything without making everything fall out at the same time.

The funny thing about spotting ‘my’ car outside the apartment building was that it was the exact same colour as mine. I have seen a number of Yarises (Yari?) around Prince George, and that colour seems to be the most popular, although I have seen other colours.

It’s not quite as bad as the first car I ever owned, a Plymouth Arrow. It was blue, and I am sure every Arrow I saw over the next several years, whether here or in other cities, was that exact same colour. I don’t know whether there had been one shipment of them to B.C. that year and all of them were the same colour, but it was kind of bizarre,

Oh, by the way, when I took the truck back, finished unloading it at the station and parked it, my car was right where I had left it.

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