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Surviving the journey from snowfall to freeze-up

There are 75,000 stories (more or less) in the snowy city.

This is one of them.

As I was driving home last Wednesday, I knew the snow had been falling all day. Literally, all day.

It was a light snow, but every flake adds up, and when the only way into your apartment parking lot is up a 70-degree incline (NOTE: This is a slight exaggeration) and you drive a small car, even a bit of snow is a problem.

As I approached the entrance, I surveyed the decision and came to one of those quick middle-of-combat (or a snow storm) decisions I am famous for.

Not even going to try it.

So I pulled up just past the driveway and parked there. I was sure it would be a few days before the street got plowed, so I would be good there for a while.

I made it up the slope on foot and hunkered down in my apartment.

The next morning, I knew I had to be at CFIS to do the morning Citizen and the weather. I didn’t want to take a chance with my car, so I called for a cab.

And waited.

And waited.

About 45 minutes later, I checked. The cab had not yet been assigned.

So I started to walk.

It was actually not a bad walk. It had pretty much stopped snowing and it wasn’t too cold.

Did what I needed to do at CFIS, hung around for a while, then walked over to get a bus pass and get home. I needed the pass because I had a bit of running around to do.

Got home, slogged through the snow in the parking lot, and sagged down in  my apartment for a while.

I had checked the Transit schedule, so I knew when I had to be out at the bus stop. I got there a few minutes early, waited about 10 minutes, then decided I had missed the bus.

Walked back to the apartment, noticed there wasn’t much snow behind my vehicle, so I could probably back up if I needed to.

Looked at the incline and realized it had been driven over a fair bit and was fairly clear of snow.

Decided to try it, so I backed up (no trouble) into the driveway, then headed off on my errands.

Finished them, came back home and decided to give the driveway a try.

No problems, and the fellow in the apartment next door had been out shovelling around his vehicle and my parking spot, so I had no trouble parking.

Later that afternoon I heard what sounded like snow equipment quite close. Looked out the window and saw the manager out with a small Cat, clearing the parking lot.

So I survived the snowfall of December 2021. Tune in next week to see if I survived the freeze-up.

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