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City issues heavy snowfall declaration

The City of Prince George has issued a heavy snowfall declaration after 35 centimetres of snow in the last 24 hours.

When Prince George receives accumulated snowfall of 20cm or more in a 24-hour period, the city, in cooperation with the Prince George RCMP, will issue athe declaration. Heavy snowfall declarations extend completion time for crews by 24 hours when the 20cm heavy snowfall threshold is reached. An additional 24 hours is added for every eight centimetres of snow the city receives beyond the threshold. This means it will likely be Saturday before crews begin to work in residential areas.

During a heavy snowfall declaration, nighttime snow clearing and removal in Downtown Central Business District Priority One and Priority Two areas will start an hour earlier (11 p.m. instead of midnight).

Residents should avoid non-essential travel and if they must travel; exercise patience, drive to conditions, and take extra time to plan their routes. The RCMP have advised, these conditions exist for emergency workers, as well, and it may take longer for emergency services to get to drivers in the event of an accident. Drivers should bring winter gear and an emergency kit in your vehicle with you.

 “With limited contacted services available, I am extremely grateful staff are willing to work through the holidays and miss time with their families to keep our roads safe,”   Jordan Wiseman, manager roads and fleet.

During normal operations the order that streets are plowed following a significant snowfall in is determined by a number of factors including traffic volumes. Council’s 2019 Snow and Ice Control Policy categorises the city’s 735km of roads and 200km of sidewalks into three snow-clearing priority routes:

  1. Priority One routes include the city’s biggest, busiest streets and boulevards, their adjacent sidewalks, and the downtown central business district and hospital district.
  2. Priority Two routes include Prince George’s collector roads and sidewalks as well as commercial and industrial zoning roads, laneways, and curb-adjacent sidewalks.
  3. Priority Three routes include the city’s residential streets, sidewalks, and park paths.

Further information about city snow and ice control operations can be found on the City website at Residents can also view an online video for an overview of these operations.

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