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CNC board approves two per cent tuition hike for 2022/23 school year

At a meeting this afternoon, the College of New Caledonai Board of Governors approved a two per cent increase to tuition and mandatory fees for the 2022/2023 academic year for both domestic and current international students.

The board also approved that tuition for incoming international students beginning their studies at CNC in the 2022/2023 academic year would see a four per cent tuition increase.

CNC President Dr. Dennis Johnson said the college makes its tuition and fee changes well in advance so students have the most accurate information when making financial plans for their education.

“CNC’s approach to fiscal planning understands the costs students face when getting an education,” he said, in a news release. “We know current international students may not have planned for higher tuition increases, which is why we’ve approached tuition and fee increases differently this year.” 

The tuition and fee changes focus on affordability for students while addressing anticipated increased costs as well as COVID-19 financial pressures. 

With this change, a university transfer course in 2022/2023 will cost an additional $5.77 for a domestic student, $25.11 for a current international student, and $50.22 for a new international student. CNC remains one of the most affordable colleges in B.C. with the fourth lowest tuition for international students.

Tuition and fee changes are part of CNC’s annual budget process, which is now underway and expected to conclude in April 2022. The College anticipates regular increases in utilities and supply expenses every year. COVID-19 has added costs for the College’s day-to-day services for students, while declining international revenue has also created fiscal challenges. 

“Supporting students is at the forefront of our goals throughout the budget process,” said Dr. Johnson. “We’re always searching for ways to increase opportunities to make education affordable for students while ensuring the sustainability of our organization.” 

CNC is accepting submissions for its 2022/2023 public budget consultation session. To learn more, visit

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