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Celebrating the Blacktop non-Blockheads

I spend a lot of time in this column talking about Blacktop Blockheads, so I thought it was only fair this week to talk about some good drivers I saw over the past few days.

A number of them were at a four-way stop. The rules for a four-way stop are pretty straightforward, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the occasional Blockhead who figures they’re going to go when they feel like it and not wait for their turn.

I was about the fourth vehicle in line on the one side of the four-way stop, and every driver on all four sides did things right. The other thing that was good was none of them sat there at the intersection, waiting to go when it was actually their turn. Everyone was ready when it was their turn, which was probably helped by the fact there were vehicles on all four sides, so you knew who you were following in the rotation.

I also saw a couple of vehicles stop a little ways from an intersection to let the pedestrian who was waiting to cross know it was safe to do so. So often I see pedestrians standing at the intersection or even crosswalk, with vehicles whizzing by because the driver doesn’t want to lose three seconds obeying the law and stopping for a pedestrian.

The other thing I liked to see at those intersections was the pedestrian giving the driver a quick wave as they crossed, acknowledging the politeness. I should also note at a couple of those intersections, I saw other vehicles stopping when they saw the first one stopped. They obviously figured there was a reason the other vehicle was stopped, so they did likewise.

Of course, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows when it came to drivers in Prince George last week. One day when there was a lot of wind and some snow, there were still a couple of Blockheads who looked at the clock and said, “It’s way too early for me to put my headlights on.”

Headlights are not on a timer, people. They are used when they are needed because of traffic conditions. I also noted a few people who still figured having their running lights on was good enough.

It isn’t. Not only are you not giving drivers coming towards you proper notice that you’re there, you’re not helping the drivers behind you at all, since your rear lights aren’t on.

So get a bright idea, Blockheads!

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