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John Howard Society Pacific changes name to Connective

John Howard Society Pacific (JHSP), the BC/Yukon not-for-profit organization working with people with complex needs facing multiple barriers, is changing its name to Connective. The organization will now be a standalone agency, separating itself from the nationally founded John Howard Society.

“For the past year and a half, we’ve been reflecting on the work that we do and the marginalized communities that we serve,” said Mark Miller, former Chief Executive Officer, JHSP, now Chief Executive Officer, Connective, in a news release. “While John Howard, who the organization was named after, did significant work in prison reform for incarcerated men, and the society continues to do vital work across Canada, that name no longer reflects the depth and diversity of services we provide to people and communities in BC and the Yukon. We needed to create a new brand identity that better reflects our work which has become so much more.”

The work Connective does has evolved to include transitional and supportive housing, homelessness prevention, alternative justice interventions, reintegration services, employment support, life skills, and community outreach programs and support to all who need it. Despite no longer operating under the John Howard Society name, the services provided and existing contracts will not change. The team at Connective will continue to work alongside other John Howard Society branches providing complementary offerings.

“We see this change as a positive reflection of the momentum of our organization, expanding and growing our services within diverse communities,” said Miller. “It’s important that we rebrand our organization so that more people are aware that they can access a variety of supports from our team.”

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