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Targeted wildfire mitigation work to begin next month in local forested areas

Next month, contracted staff working for the City of Prince George will be removing vegetation, particularly dead organic material, from three forested areas of the city that, if ignited, would pose risk to people, property, and infrastructure. Each of the three projects is expected to take about 30 days and all are anticipated to be completed by the end of the winter.

“These treatment areas were identified as high priority in the City’s Community Wildfire Protection Plan, which is aimed at reducing the threat posed by interface wildfires, while maintaining ecological and community values,” said Kailyn van der Ham, an environmental technician with the City of Prince George. “Wildfire mitigation involves the prescriptive removal of dead and highly flammable vegetation to limit potential fire spread and intensity. Typically, mature healthy trees are retained and the growth of deciduous trees and shrubs is promoted, while hazard trees and other high risk fuels are removed.”

Before mitigation After mitigation
Before After

 Three areas are scheduled for fire fuel mitigation:

  1. Malaspina – West of the Fraser River, to the south of Stillwater Crescent and east of Loedel Crescent. Operations are scheduled to begin late December.
  2. Broddy Road – South of Tyner Blvd., north of Highway 16. Operations are scheduled to begin in early to mid January.
  3. Pidherny Recreation Site – North of North Nechako Road., west of Foothills Blvd. Operations are scheduled to begin by the end of January.

The City sent over 150 letters to residents in properties adjacent to each subject area, advising them of the work that is about to start. To minimize ground disturbance associated with the work, these activities take place during the winter when the ground is frozen.

While operations are active, access to these areas may be restricted, as concealed hazards may exist. Citizens are encouraged to follow all signage located near the worksites.

Citizens who are interested in further information about these projects can contact Kailyn van der Ham at | 250-561-7795. 


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