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Up early to avoid the ice

Well, a typical November week in Prince George.

A week ago on Tuesday morning we had freezing rain that made the city streets  . . . interesting to drive on.

I got lucky that morning, because I actually was in at CFIS to do the morning Citizen and weather update before it started raining. Normally I don’t think of it as lucky that I’m in at 4 a.m., but that day it was definitely in my favour.

I heard a number of stories that morning from people about how there were vehicles all over the road. I knew UNBC closed and the school district told parents and students not to come in to schools until it was safe to do so.

The funny thing was, by the time I left the station, the main roads were basically bare and dry again, so I missed the real problems on both ends.

Then, of course, we had some real foggy days, some of which did last all day.

I was driving west on Fifth Avenue one of those very foggy mornings and came to the lights at Lyon Street. My light was green, so I headed through the lights, then slowed down some.

I thought I saw a vehicle on Lyon, but it was tough to see because for some reason the driver didn’t have their lights on, despite the very heavy fog. I just barely made the vehicle out as I passed through the intersection, meaning I was probably only about 10 feet away.

I can only assume the driver figured, “Well, I can see everybody else because they have their lights on, so I’m okay.”

And of course, since we are almost halfway through November, it won’t be long before the white stuff is on the roads. Most people in Prince George know how to handle driving in snow, but some don’t, and even the ones who do would be well-advised to take it easy the first day or two to make sure their reflexes are where they should be.

There’s no reason we can’t all make it through the winter with any problems, as long as we use common sense.

You’re right.

When I put it that way, some people will have a lot of trouble.

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