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Cummings Road transfer station re-opens

Cummings Road regional transfer station, located in Electoral Area D of the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, is reopening on Thursday November 4 after closing temporarily for construction at the beginning of June 2021.

With the majority of the construction now complete, Cummings Road Regional Transfer Station features a better traffic flow and multiple access points to increase safety for site users, haulers and staff. Previously, the transfer station infrastructure was outdated and no longer accommodated the demands residents put on the site. It had outgrown its design, resulting in traffic jams, safety concerns and limited recycling opportunities.

The regional district is in the process of defining the catchment area for the considered implementation of pass cards in 2022. Currently there is no charge to residents dropping off recycling items, and this will continue when pass cards are implemented.

“The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George would like to thank the residents of Electoral Area D for their patience while we completed this project. It is an exciting expansion for this area, and with the support of our elected officials, construction contractor and consultant, we are pleased to re-open the site,” says Laura Zapotichny, Manager of Waste Diversion Programs.

This project is valued at $2.04 million with funding coming from the Canada Community-Building Fund.

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