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ICBC warns about seasonal spike in pedestrian crashes

This month, ICBC and police are launching a pedestrian safety campaign to urge pedestrians and drivers to stay safe as crashes involving pedestrians nearly double at this time of year.

Nearly half of all pedestrian fatalities occur between October and January as the weather changes and daylight hours decrease. In the North Central region of the province, on average, 53 pedestrians are injured in 79 crashes every year.​

Pedestrian safety is of significant importance in B.C. – pedestrians are among the most vulnerable road users when a crash occurs. Distracted driving and failing to yield the right-of-way are the top contributing factors for drivers in crashes with pedestrians, with more than three-quarters of crashes involving pedestrians occurring at intersections.

Drivers should take extra time to scan for pedestrians near transit stops and before turning at intersections, avoid distractions and be ready to yield.

Pedestrians can help stay safe by making eye contact with drivers, watching for drivers turning left or right at intersections, and using designated crosswalks.

ICBC and community policing volunteers will be handing out reflectors and safety tips in high pedestrian traffic areas across the province to help pedestrians stay visible.

This year’s campaign features online advertising that reminds drivers: you see pedestrians when you really look for them.

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