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Consider Prince George champion builds global platform Aplicar during pandemic

Arvinder Billing

Tech startup Aplicar is the world’s smartest platform for studying abroad and the brainchild of Arvinder Billing. Originally from a small rural village in India, Billing came to Prince George in 2002 for a brighter future, one his parents had dreamed of for him and the opportunities that Canada offers to immigrants around the world. 

He soon became the face of a local promotional campaign “Consider Prince George” to attract new residents to the city. Becoming a community builder, he attained success as a local entrepreneur being awarded the Top 40 Under 40 by the local Chamber of Commerce. He is the founder and CEO of the global platform Aplicar that uses technology to help international students to search, select and apply to programs across Canada in minutes. The startup was brought to life during the initial stages of COVID-19 when travel and exploration of educational choices were not available.

“I am a product of the benefits of access to education. Aplicar is more than a business to me, it’s also a way to pay it forward.” Billing adds, “The word Aplicar means “to apply” and our goal is to transform lives through access to education.” Aplicar’s online portal gathers all of the information required from students so they can apply to the right program and the right school.

On February 12, 2020, Aplicar was born as a means to improves the journey facing international students, minimize the hurdles latent in the system, and transform lives. Billing says, “We ensure that students have access to information in a transparent manner and by doing so we are setting a new standard for the industry.”

Billing understands the journey many foreign students face and his goal is to make the process as transparent as possible, “I have lived through the experience and know-how education is a stepping-stone that provides options and opportunities, and I want others to have the same choices with Aplicar.”

While establishing roots in Prince George, Billing worked closely with international students. And over the years has been involved with education from K-12 to university in many capacities. When the pandemic hit, he recognized the changes and challenges it posed, and he and his partners saw an opportunity to pivot during the lockdowns.

Aplicar has helped over 7,000 students in their journey of studying internationally since its official launch in February 2021 and has a presence in 7 countries currently. Aplicar plans to have a presence in 25 countries by 2022. “We needed to reach out to a global audience on a much bigger scale so we developed the technology to help us overcome these challenges and established Aplicar,” says Billing.

As for his long-range vision, it includes a brighter future for newcomers, “I want to see others come here and integrate into the community so they become a productive part of society, that is something I would really like to see.” 

About Aplicar

Aplicar is the world’s smartest global platform for study abroad that connects students and recruitment partners to study at colleges and universities in Canada. Using innovative technology, Aplicar helps students to search, select and apply to programs around the world in minutes advancing a unique, genuine connection between students, recruiters, and schools bridging the gap in communication and streamlining access to a modern, global education.

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