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So many infractions in such a short time

Let’s follow behind a vehicle I was behind one day last week, and count how many laws the driver broke.

I was heading east on Fifth Avenue, getting close to where it takes the big S-curve and becomes Fourth Avenue.

A vehicle was sitting on one of the side streets, and waited a long time before deciding to make a right-hand turn onto Fifth.

After eventually deciding to turn, the vehicle turned into the second lane of traffic (violation #1). It then proceeded in that lane into the S-curve at which point it moved back to the lane I was in, without signalling (violation #2).

The driver now signalled for a right-hand turn onto Edmonton Street, moved over to the curb lane, but didn’t make the turn (not a violation, but I was now starting to wonder if the driver was lost.)

They signalled for a left turn and moved back into the through lane (where I was now hanging back a bit farther, not sure what was going to happen next).

They came to the light on WInnipeg Street in the through lane, but still had their left-turn signal on. When the light turned green, they did, in fact, make a left turn from the through lane (violation #3, and I was really wondering what would have happened if there had been a vehicle making a legal turn from the left-turn lane).

So within the space of just a few blocks, this driver committed three traffic violations and did a couple of other things that weren’t the safest moves in the world.

Of course, compared to the person I saw later that day on 15th Avenue, that driver was a paragon of perfection.

I was headed east on 15th, approaching the hill by the hospital. There was a skateboarder going the same direction as me, which I believe is illegal to start with, since skateboards aren’t allowed on city streets.

The skateboarder was also on the other side of the road from me, which meant he was skating into any oncoming traffic, and he was skating right down the middle of the two lanes.

No points for guessing he wasn’t wearing a helmet.

This week I also saw three jaywalkers cutting between moving vehicles to get from one side of the street to the other, and a cyclist going the wrong way on the street late in the evening, wearing all dark clothing so he was almost impossible to see.

I don’t think it was a full moon, but I didn’t dare take my eyes off the road to check.

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