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Warrington, Polillo take over top school board positions following resignations of Derrick and Valimohamed

Sharel Warrington is the new chair of the School District 57 Board of Education and Ron Polillo is the new vice-chair.

The two were named to the positions following Monday’s sudden resignation of former chair Trent Derrick and former vice-chair Shuirose Valimohamed. The recent release of a special advisor’s report outlining systemic racism and a culture of fear at the district prompted the resignations as they pair said they could not work in such a system.

A byelection to replace the two vacant seats at the board table will be held in both Prince George and Mackenzie. Valimohamed was the Mackenzie trustee on the board. A byelectons officer will be appointed within 30 days and the byelection will be held within 80 days of the appointment of the officer. 

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