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Some amusing items from the week

There are times it doesn’t take much to amuse me. Take an incident on the road last week.

I was waiting at a red light in the outside through lane when a car came up behind me and then, without signalling, switched lanes and pulled up beside me.

We sat, waiting for the other traffic, and I could see the driver of the other vehicle was clearly keeping an eye on the light, since he started to inch forward even before it turned yellow.

By the time the cross-street light turned red, he was most of the way through the crosswalk.

Imagine his surprise when this intersection turned out to be of Prince George’s famous ‘ghost turn-lane’ intersections. Even though there was no one on the other side of the intersection in the left-turn lane, that light still turned green, as did the through light on that side.

By now, the vehicle beside me was a foot or two into the intersection, and I think he realized that could be a problem. He came to a stop – just as our light turned green.

I moved through the intersection at my usual speed, as did the two vehicles behind me. At that point, the driver in the vehicle beside me was able to move back into the lane I was in.

I watched in my rearview mirror. He turned at the first available right-hand street, which didn’t come as a surprise to me.

I had figured when he pulled up beside me at the light and started edging forward that he was figuring on jumping the light and then changing lanes in front of me so he could make that turn, thereby saving a good second or two.

Instead, he made the turn about three vehicles further back from where he would have if he had stayed put.

As I said, there are times it doesn’t take much to amuse me.

One baseball game I found amusing was the second game of the doubleheader Saturday between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Baltimore Orioles.

The Blue Jays had come back to win the first game of the doubleheader 11-10 on a late home run from George Springer. Through the first six innings of the second game, though, it looked like they had used up all their hitting in the first game, since they were hitless.

Oh, and remember, doubleheaders these days are seven innings, so the Blue Jays were trailing 1-0 coming to their final at bats.

At which point they calmly put together 11 hits, including four home runs, and scored 11 runs to win 11-2. Baltimore’s starting pitcher, who had been working on a no-hitter, remember, gave up a single, a home run and a single to the first three Jays batters and was pulled.

It obviously didn’t help.

Another one to add to my list of bizarre baseball games.

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