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City continuing with court injunction on homeless encampments

Tent city for the homeless at the foot of Fifth Avenue in Prince George.

The City of Prince George has filed an application in the BC Supreme Court seeking an order to move the occupants at the homeless encampments on George Street and Lower Patricia Boulevard. The city is working with BC Housing to prepare the occupants to leave the encampments and move to accommodations that best meet their needs. A hearing is expected to be scheduled by the court during the week of September 13.

As part of this process, Bylaw Services staff are serving required documents to the occupants of both encampments notifying them of the upcoming court hearing.

Service of these documents does not require the occupants to leave the encampments immediately.    

These actions, including the application for an injunction, are unrelated to the proposed Safe Streets Bylaw, which is on the agenda for the August 30 meeting of Council.

Earlier this year, council directed city administration to pursue an injunction to allow for the orderly and safe removal of the unlawful encampments. The occupants of the George Street encampment were served notice of trespass on June 11, and the occupants of the Patricia Boulevard encampment were served notice of trespass on June 14. Since that time, the city has worked with BC Housing, supportive housing providers, and other community partners to assist occupants to secure housing.

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