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Solar energy for your home? It’s definitely possible in the North

B.C. solar energy company, Riverside Energy Systems, is expanding into the Prince George area.

“It was a logical move for our company to expand into Prince George,” said Greg Lambertus, a director with the company. “With deep roots and connections in Prince George it made perfect sense to offer solar energy systems to the area. Not only that but timing couldn’t be better as the federal government is offering a $5,000 Greener Home Grant to assist with the costs of solar. Our company is partnering up with NW Electrical Solutions to deliver solar energy solutions to homes, commercial, institutional, and industrial properties. NW Electrical Solutions is a successful electrical company operating in Prince George. They have an excellent reputation and remarkable customer satisfaction results. We feel we couldn’t have chosen a better partner.”

Lonnie Trelenberg owner of NW Electrical solutions is keen to add solar energy systems to the array of electrical services his company currently provides.

“Greg and I have a long history together,” he said. “He started out as an electrical apprentice with me years ago and is now a director of one of the leading solar companies in B.C. Our companies share the same ethics and values, a commitment to renewable energy and want to help people make great choices when considering solar energy solutions. Not only that, Riverside has a professional Engineering department, providing the highest level of design, training, education and consultation to consumers, business and governments. In fact, they are frequent advisors to Natural Resources Canada and co-wrote the Solar PV technical planning guidelines for Solar Energy systems in Canada. It is great to work with experts.”

Many people have this idea that solar energy would not be a viable option for the Prince George area. Solar energy is much more than just sunshine hours. Solar power is created by capturing energy from the sun. The amount of energy available for capture is influenced by irradiance. Irradiance involves many factors such as the angle of the sun, ozone, cloud cover, ground surface reflectivity, altitude, pollution, and direct and diffused UV. The viability of creating solar power is not as simple as ‘just sunshine hours’. You just have to look around the world and see that solar energy is being captured and can be viable in every corner of the planet.

Riverside Energy Systems and NW Electrical Solutions are set-up and ready to serve Prince George and area. Contact Riverside Energy Systems to request a quote Riverside will analyze your electrical consumption (current and planned), undertake a site assessment and propose a solar solution. The process is just that simple.

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