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Some new Blacktop Blockheads

It occurred to me over the weekend there is a particular kind of Blacktop Blockhead I have encountered numerous times over the years, yet have never written about.

So why now?

Well, coming across this particular species of Blockhead twice in two days on the weekend probably had something to do with it.

It’s a common scenario. You’re driving along a downtown street, and you want to make a right turn into the parking lot by the store you plan on visiting.

As you approach the parking-lot entrance, you realize your plans have been stalled. There, sitting squarely in the middle of the two-lane entrance, is another vehicle, looking to leave that same lot.

You come to a full stop, realizing with this other vehicle occupying the exact middle of the entrance, there is no room for you to get by and enjoy your shopping.

So you wait for them to pull out of the parking lot.

And you wait.

And then you realize they are clearly waiting for you to pull into the lot, because you have the right of way.

You may have the right of way, but as we have already established, you don’t have the room to make your way in.

Eventually, it occurs to them that you want them to pull out. They still may not realize exactly why you are letting them go first when you have the right of way, but they slowly, ever-so-slooowly, start to pull out, apparently afraid that you’re going to change your mind, accelerate and slam into them, then claim it’s their fault because you had the right of way.

In one of the two cases this weekend, the situation was exacerbated by another vehicle looking to leave the parking lot, and pulling directly in behind the first one. And of course since they had to wait a few seconds while the driver in front of them decided it was safe to pull out, they immediately move into the same spot in the middle of the entrance, blocking you again.

Just to show it’s not just four-wheeled Blockheads I saw this week, there was also a two-legged one.

I was headed west on Third Avenue, approaching Victoria Street. I was the third vehicle in the lineup, waiting for the light to change.

The light changed to green, the passenger door on the vehicle ahead of me popped open, and someone got out.

My first thought was, “OK, they’re just heading to the near sidewalk and wanted to finish their conversation with the driver before they got out.”

Then they walked to the back of the vehicle, and crossed directly in front of me to the other side of the street.

I stopped as they crossed in front of me (although believe me, I was tempted not to), and watched as they came to a quick halt as traffic in the other lane suddenly appeared, driving where they were allowed to.

I swerved slightly right to get around this Blockhead and left the scene.

I believe he made it to the other side of the street, but I wasn’t sticking around in case he suddenly decided he actually did want the right side of the street and cut back.

What do you think about this story?