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Regional district secures back up 9-1-1 fire dispatch

The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George and North Island 9-1-1 have agreed to enter into a reciprocal agreement that would see the organizations provide emergency back up for 9-1-1 fire dispatch for each other when necessary.

The Regional District’s primary 9-1-1 fire dispatch centre is located in the Prince George Fire Hall. A back up fire dispatch centre is currently under construction as part of the regional district’s new public safety building. In the event the primary fire dispatch centre at the PG Fire Hall is unavailable, any 9-1-1 calls requiring a fire department response would be temporarily re-routed to North Island 9-1-1 until the back up fire dispatch centre is online.

The board gave approval to amend an agreement it holds with the City of Prince George for centralized fire dispatch to reflect the back up arrangements with North Island 9-1-1.

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