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Police say man Christin West complained about not the man arrested for her murder

Shortly before she was murdered August 7 Christin West called police to complain about a man who was aggressive after she wouldn’t date him.

She complained on Facebook that police did not take her seriously.

The Prince George RCMP have confirmed they received a complaint from Christin West in July and say an investigation into the matter was conducted. Police spoke to all of the individuals identified through the course of the investigation. Police say there was not enough evidence to support charge recommendations and, as an alternative, safety plans were discussed with all parties involved.

“We can confirm investigators identified a suspect in the July investigation and that he is not the same person arrested on August 7, 2021 for the murder of Christin West. The complaint from July was a completely separate occurrence and the incidents do not appear related,” said Cpl. Jennifer Cooper of the Prince George RCMP. “We encourage anyone who was a witness or has further information on the murder of Ms. West or any other unrelated criminal matters to contact the Prince George RCMP to speak with an investigator.”

Police arrested 36-year-old Prince George resident, Dennis Daniel Gladue, in connection to the homicide.

Cooper added police take every complaint of intimate partner violence seriously and always give a prioritized response. These incidents often occur behind closed doors and independent witnesses may not be available.Investigators in B.C. receive training specific to the investigation of Violence in Relationships.

If you or anyone you know is a victim of intimate partner violence, please take the following steps:

• Call 911 (if available in your community) or your local police station

Go to a hospital emergency unit

Call VictimLink 1-800-563-0808 VictimLINK is a province-wide 24-hour telephone help line for victims of family and sexual violence, and all other crimes.

Here are some further resources for more information regarding intimate partner violence:


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