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Evacuation alert remains in effect for Swift Creek slide area near Valemount

The landslide adjacent to Swift Creek near Valemount remains active and the public is advised to stay away from the area. Conditions in the area may change suddenly. Exercise caution.

Ongoing monitoring is underway. The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George is monitoring for changes in the landslide area as well as the flow and turbidity of water in Swift Creek. This creek provides the water source for the Village of Valemount.

Evacuation Alert Status

An evacuation alert was issued Saturday, July 31 for all properties on the northeast side of Main Street beginning at William Road, and extending beyond the Swift Creek bridge to the end of Main Street in Electoral Area H of the Regional District.

There are no changes to the alert or the alert area and it remains in effect. To view the alert, visit or An evacuation alert advises those in the alert area to make preparations in the event an evacuation is required.

Preparing for an evacuation

When you receive an evacuation alert, you should

• Prepare to leave your home on short notice.

• Stay tuned to Village of Valemount and Regional District of Fraser-Fort George websites and social media for updates

• Have your emergency kit and important documents ready to go, which should include things like insurance and personal papers, such as birth certificates. Also pack: o several days’ clothing;

o medicine/prescriptions;

o comfort items for children, like a favourite toy or colouring books to help keep them busy; and

o leashes, carriers and food for pets.

o Consider collecting precious photos and mementoes that cannot be replaced.

• Also, check in on any family, friends or neighbours who may need a helping hand due to mobility or other issues.

Further information about preparing for evacuation can be found at

Water Supply

The Village of Valemount sources its water for the community water system through Swift Creek. It is important to be aware that this water source could be vulnerable to a slide. If you rely on the Village of Valemount water system, it is recommended that you consider alternative water sources in the event the water system is unavailable as a result of landslide activity.

The Village of Valemount has increased it’s water restrictions to level 3 effective 12:01 AM on Monday August 2, 2021. More information can be found at

Accessing trails and backcountry

The public is strongly cautioned to avoid the area it is an active landslide area and conditions can change without warning.

Trail #6 and all trails leading to Trail #6, along Swift Creek, to and from the Valemount Bike Park is closed.

More Information

The Village of Valemount and Regional District of Fraser-Fort George will continue to provide regular updates through social media and on their respective websites.

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