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COVID #safeathome funds at work in the Region

L-R: Donna Kopp and Amy Hauk both RNs who work in ICU at UHNBC stand alongside one of the CRRT PrisMax machines that has been in service supporting high acuity patients.

When COVID reared itself in March of 2020, our immediate response was to provide an avenue for those wanting to support the purchase of badly needed equipment that would improve patient outcomes from the immediate and dreadful long term effects of COVID.   The #SafeatHome Fund was opened and support from various areas of the country started to arrive.

We are pleased to say that among many items funded were two CRRT PrisMax machines at a cost of just under $100,000 that arrived at UHNBC.  Fondly referred to “Thelma and Louise”, the two Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) machines  were identified by Dr. Slabbert, Department Head for Critical Care, as equipment  that would support best practices in removal of Cytokines in blood and reduce fluids.  CRRT therapy began over 3 years ago at UHNBC with one machine and the
benefits of offering the best care possible to acutely ill patients with the addition of two more units is addressing a much needed area of care.

“We are so very grateful to donors who helped make this a reality.  We know healthcare touches us all, and each of us in different ways, and knowing donations go 100% to the area of care identified we can honour our donors wishes,“ said Judy Neiser, CEO for the Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation.  “Not only has this been equipment that was identified as something beneficial to COVID patients, but it also adds strength to UHNBC’s continuum of care for acute care patients.”  


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