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Evacuation alert at Shesta and Punchaw lakes

The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George in collaboration with Nazko First Nation have issued an evacuation alert for the Shesta Lake and Punchaw area including Nahlquonate 2 and Deep Creek 5. 

The alert has been issued as a result of wildfires in the area.

Those in the alert area are asked to prepare in the event that an evacuation is required and take precautions to help prevent damage to their home, property and their personal safety including:

  •   Gather important papers and move valuables to alternate locations;
  •   Make arrangements for pets to be moved to a safe location;
  •   If you have livestock or hobby farm animals begin making arrangements for them to go to a safe alternative location in case an evacuation order is issued; and
  •   Prepare a 72-hour personal emergency kit for you and your family; remember to include any necessary medications in your kit.

The next 24 hour period is critical in the on-going assessment and planning for wildland fire response. For more information on the wildland fires in the area go to the BC Wildfire Management Branch at

For more information on emergency preparedness visit the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George website at or call 1-800-667-1959.

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