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New streetlights for First Avenue between Tabor and Foothills

Residents travelling through the Heritage neighbourhood may have noticed deep holes being dug along the side of First Avenue.  The City of Prince George is replacing aging street light infrastructure next to Moore’s Meadow and the recently dug holes and trenches are part of the preparatory work.

The project is the first part of a multi-year operation to replace aging and failing streetlights in Prince George. The operation will involve the installation of new LED lights at better locations to improve nighttime illumination on streets and intersections to increase safety for all who travel along city streets. The operation is expected to take about 10 to 14 weeks.

Of the more than 4,700 streetlights in Prince George, the city has identified nearly 1,000 as being in need of replacement. Many were installed in the 1970s and are past the end of their service life. They also no longer meet city standards or electrical code practices.

The project will include the removal and disposal of the existing streetlight poles and their components, and the installation of new poles and street light infrastructure. In total, 37 new streetlights are being installed on First Avenue from Foothills to Tabor Boulevard.

The City of Prince George will also be using the project as an opportunity to install concrete wheelchair ramps to improve accessibility along 1st Avenue, and rehabilitating sections of the road, curbs, gutters, and sidewalk.

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