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MEDIchair NorthBC launches new website and online store

MEDIchair NorthBC has served Prince George and northern B.C. for over 25 years. Started as a family business in 1996, MEDIchair was sold to the original partner’s children, Chris Gobbi and Heather Hawes, in 2015.

MEDIchair NorthBC is the only locally owned medical and accessibility store left in northern B.C.

“Our family has lived in Prince George for over 85 years and we are so grateful to have stood the test of time to stay the only locally owned and operated store to service all of Northern B.C.,” said Chris Gobbi, owner and general manager, in a news release. “With our two physical locations in Prince George and Quesnel and now with the addition of our new website and online store, we’re able to make it easier to help our customers find the best possible options available to suit their individual needs throughout northern B.C. Adding a new location in Quesnel was our first step to serving our incredible region better and now we have made shopping easier for those in outlying areas.”

Like every other business worldwide, COVID-19 caused MEDIchair to rethink their business model of having only walk-in locations. Northern Development Initiative Trust’s Small Business Recovery Grant allowed MEDIchair NorthBC to update their brand and also build the online store to serve all of northern British Columbia.

“Our goal is to make it so much easier for those who can’t get to us in person. Being able to browse and purchase from our online store takes away that stress for people. We have over 18,000 skews of products available at our physical stores in Prince George and Quesnel and we’re working to add new products everyday to the online store. If someone doesn’t see what they need, we encourage them to call us and we will take care of them over the phone,” said Owner and Operations Manager, Heather Hawes.

MEDIchair NorthBC is proud to be Northern BC’s Neighbours in Care and can be found at

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