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Flood watch issued for upper Fraser River

The River Forecast Centre has issued a flood watch for the upper Fraser River including the Robson Valley and areas from Sinclair Mills upstream to Torpy, Dome Creek, McBride and surrounding tributaries.

Hot temperatures over the past several days have triggered significant amount of snowmelt at the higher elevations of the upper Fraser River. Automated snow weather stations located in the basin recorded maximum temperatures of 24 to 32 degrees Celsius at the higher elevations on Saturday.

The stations with remaining snow melted between 55- and 85‐mm snow water equivalent

yesterday. Environment and Climate Change Canada forecasts the hottest days to occur beginning today through Tuesday in the Upper Fraser region, and may even last into Wednesday. The current forecast at McBride has the following maximum temperatures; Monday: 39°C, Tuesday: 40°C, Wednesday: 38°C.  These high temperatures will increase the snowmelt which will cause river levels to continue to rise in the coming days.

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