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Running in the sun

“A sunshiny shower won’t last half an hour.”

It’s an old saying I was reminded of as I pulled into the parking lot at the apartment on Friday morning. There had been a number of short showers while I was out that morning, but the sunshine I saw as I wrapped things up was the first I had seen that day.

And by golly, when I looked out the window about 20 minutes later, it wasn’t raining.

When I looked out 15 minutes later, it was still sunny, but it was raining again. I guess that’s something that isn’t really covered in the old saying.

I did see a couple of other things while I was out on the roads that morning that I found interesting (I guess).

At one point on Ospika, I found myself beside a beautiful classic vehicle. I’m not big on car makes and models, but this was obviously a vehicle from some years ago, but it was in pristine condition.

It was obviously still good under the hood, as well, since it had a regular B.C. licence plate. The driver was perhaps in a bit of a hurry to reach their destination, since it was raining at that point, the car was a convertible – with the top down.

A little further on Ospika, I came to a stop at a red light. (It’s a habit I’ve gotten into, and I think some drivers in Prince George might want to remember it.) When the light turned green, I prepared to turn left.

That was when I saw a jogger coming towards me in the bike lane. That’s not an unusual sight, even if it’s not a recommended practice to run with your back to traffic.

The reason it’s not recommended was very apparent to me. A cyclist was coming up behind the jogger, and he was legally in the bike lane. However, when he caught up with the jogger, he had to check over his shoulder and then move out into the car lane to get around her.

If you have to jog on the side of the road and not on the sidewalk, do it facing traffic. It’s not just safer for you, since you can see the oncoming traffic; it’s safer for cyclists as well.

After all, there’s a reason it’s called a “bike” lane and not a “running” lane.

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