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Council approves temporary fix for Prince George Playhouse facade

City council Monday approved funding for a temporary repair operation on the Prince George Playhouse’s existing façade with a budget of $140,000.

Council also approved funding for upgrades to the theatrical rigging components in the Prince George Playhouse to current safety standards with a budget of $271,500. Late last year, staff discovered extensive building envelope rot at the failure that was beyond minimal repair.

Further planning in support of an overall performing arts strategy will be necessary to determine if the current playhouse will require dedicated reinvestment funds directed to the building and site renewal.

Building and site renewal, including  a rigging system upgrade ($271,500) future building envelope ($4,500,000), future replacement of three roof top HVAC units ($670,000), and a new parking lot ($1,500,000), will top $7.1 million.

Add in ongoing operating costs, theatre equipment upgrades, and ongoing maintenance and the price tag tops $8.1 million.

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