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Growing food security in Prince George

Significant farm to table activity is underway in Prince George, yet this activity is largely invisible to the majority of the population.

That has prompted the action arm of the Local Food PG Society, a small group of local food security enthusiasts working hard to make the local bounty visible and accessible, to host an online mobilizing event and website launch on May 27.

Everyone At the Table: Growing Food Security in Prince George goes from noon to 1:30 will be facilitated by Theresa Healy (Vice President, Public Health Association of British Columbia, Adjunct Professor School of Environmental Planning and Gender Studies). Based on the ‘all we need is in the room’ principle, the online event will support the participants in sharing and developing the ideas and practices that can support Prince George and region to become a leader and model for championing locally sourced food.

Representatives of existing food security and local food system groups, local/regional food producers, local consumers, emergency food providers, city and regional district representatives. Everyone in the regional community is invited to the table.

The society has built a website to allow everyone to connect with each other to make the local/regional food systems visible: local food producers, community gardens, sources of free food, etc.

The website is located at:

The surveys are available on the website and via social media.

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