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Traffic restricted on Omineca forest service roads

Heavy rainfall and frost-related damage have resulted in forest service roads in the Omineca Region being closed to most industrial vehicles to prevent further deterioration of road surfaces and to help keep motorists safe.

Traffic on all forest service roads (FSRs) within the Omineca Natural Resource Region was restricted to use by vehicles under 3,500 kilograms as of midnight on May 6. This region includes the Mackenzie Natural Resource District, the Stuart Nechako Natural Resource District and the Prince George Natural Resource District.

However, the use of Omineca FSRs is still allowed for the following purposes:

  • road maintenance
  • tree planting
  • recreational vehicle use (but not recommended, due to poor road conditions)
  • grocery, fuel and other essential deliveries to communities
  • activities associated with preparing for and responding to wildfires

Members of the public driving vehicles weighing less than 3,500 kilograms should avoid using FSRs in the Omineca Natural Resource Region until road conditions improve, including over the Victoria Day long weekend.

Motorists are also advised that two FSRs in the region are currently closed to all vehicle traffic: the Chief 200 FSR (formerly known as the Teardrop-Chief FSR) and the Moldowan FSR. The only relief to this restriction is for residents of homes along these two roads, who may still use them to access their own properties but only when necessary.

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