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Sport fields and ball diamonds opening

Gyro Park. City of Prince George photo

As of Saturday, May 8, the City of Prince George is opening most of its sport fields and ball diamonds for the year.

All of the fields and diamonds in the bowl area will be open, however, some fields in outer areas of the city, such as Volunteer Park in the Hart and Joe Martin Field at at Balsum Park, will remain closed for about another week, as the turf requires more time to dry out and properly establish. The lawn bowling facilities at Watrous Park will open in early June as usual.
Rest and recovery is vitally import in the establishment of healthy turf. Playing on a ball diamond or sport field too early or too late in the year can cause irreparable damage to root systems and weaken turf for the season. Playing on unsafe terrain can also lead to injury. 

Masich Place Stadium opened to the public and user groups in early April. An earlier seasonal opening is one of the benefits of its new synthetic turf infield.

All public washroom and outhouse facilities located at parks, sport fields, and ball diamonds are now open and available for use.
Residents interested in parks and sports fields are encouraged to sign up for the Parks, Trails, and Sport Fields category on the subscribe page on the City website to ensure they get up-to-date, official information.

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