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Terrace’s Jada Creations wins Small Business BC award

Terrace business, Jada Creations is the winner of the Small Business BC Award for Best Solopreneur.

The Small Business BC Awards are an annual awards contest that seek nominations from the public, and from entrepreneurs themselves, in support of local businesses that have an impact on their community. This year, the Small Business BC Awards received a record-breaking 937 nominations, representing 558 small businesses in 88 communities across BC.

“This year was particularly special for us at Small Business BC. We saw an overwhelming show of support from friends, families and communities coming forward to honour the small businesses they love during a difficult year,” said Small Business BC CEO, Tom Conway. “The awards mean that much more, knowing that every business nominated has faced challenges and still found ways to thrive in this new environment. It gives hope to the many other entrepreneurs who are still under extreme pressure.”

For 18 years, the Small Business BC awards have been bringing attention to amazing businesses in our province. The awards not only recognize the outstanding achievements of small business owners, but also aim to inspire other entrepreneurs.

Jada Creations is an Indigenous owned and operated business specializing in authentic Indigenous wearable art. Jada Creations, founded by Jaimie Davis, is the winner of Best Solopreneur Award which recognizes an outstanding individual that has started and grown a solo business. Jaimie has demonstrated the unique skillset required to stay focused on long-term goals, while juggling the day-to-day demands of running a successful company.

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