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Northern Development approves over $1.3M for projects through its community development programs

Northern Development announced today that it has approved funding for several projects totalling more than $1.3 million throughout central and northern B.C.

“These projects encourage both economic and community growth through various endeavours, tourism and visitor attraction being a key theme,” said Joel McKay, CEO of Northern Development Initiative Trust. “When travel restrictions are lifted, these communities will be well prepared for visitors and tourists alike.”

At their April 28 meeting, the Trust’s board of directors approved the following projects:

$144,111 was approved for the City of Quesnel for the construction of a bike park with rental area under the Recreation Infrastructure program. This project involves the construction of a new multi-purpose bike park adjacent to the Quesnel and District Arts and Recreation Centre. Included in the park design is an experienced jump park, a beginner-friendly skills area, a rubberized strider bike area and the realignment of the existing flow trail. The project will also include the purchase of a fleet of rental bikes and safety equipment for all ages and abilities that will be available for rent seasonally.

$300,000 was approved through the Economic Infrastructure program for the Terrace-Kitimat Airport Society for a gated parking system in the long-term parking lot at the Northwest Regional Airport Terrace-Kitimat. The new gated parking system features cameras that record when the vehicle arrives and when it pulls up to the exit gate. This system is expected to generate 15 per cent more revenue as it captures 100 per cent of all users. Several customer benefits include not having to exit their vehicle, only paying for actual time in the lot and not having to estimate the parking duration, which is important when flights are delayed.

“For the airport, the benefits are 100 per cent compliance with paying for the parking that the customer uses, without the negative customer experience of issuing parking tickets,” said Dave Kumpolt, Manager of Airport Development, Northwest Regional Airport Terrace-Kitimat. “Overall, it will be a great addition to the parking at Northwest Regional Airport Terrace-Kitimat and will be the beginning of three phases of construction to upgrade the long-term parking at the airport.”

$300,000 was approved through the Cultural Infrastructure program for the Northern Secwepemc Cultural Society (NSCS) for the construction of the Northern Secwepemc Cultural Centre. The NSCS, comprised of five member bands: Canim Lake, Canoe Creek, Soda Creek, Williams Lake and Esk’etemc, will construct a new, 5,145 sq ft cultural centre and museum at 108 Mile Lake, near the 108 Mile Heritage Site. Proposed project activities include site servicing and development, building construction, furniture and equipment. The facility will house a welcome area, exhibit space, artifact display and storage, multi-purpose room, kitchen and washrooms.

“Starting with a dream in 2004 and an early grant from NDIT, the Northern Secwepemc Cultural Society last year reached a position where all was in place to build and operate a small cultural centre and museum, except for the construction financing,” said Irene Gilbert, Vice President, Northern Secwepemc Cultural Society. “With a new NDIT grant for which we are extremely grateful, we hope to leverage the balance from other sources during the next few months.” 

$300,000 was approved for the City of Quesnel through the Recreation Infrastructure program for the Quesnel RV park and campground construction.The goal of this project is to add an RV and camping option in the region that will encourage overnight stays in Quesnel and visitor spending at local businesses. Some of the project details include site preparation, building demolition, water and electrical services, picnic table and fire pit installation, and construction of two washrooms. The project will be housed on the site of the former public works yard with views of the Quesnel River, access to the Riverfront Trail and within walking distance of downtown.

$300,000 was approved for the Dawson Creek Sportsman’s Club under the Recreation Infrastructure program to construct an indoor shooting range at the Riley Crossing property in the Peace River Regional District. This newly constructed facility would serve as a replacement for the previous indoor range in Dawson Creek that was demolished approximately 30 years ago. This project includes the construction and finishing of a new, fully serviced, indoor shooting range for year-round pistol, archery and .22 rim fire rifle sports. The greatest benefit of this range is the year-round access. Given the climate in the northeast, the outdoor range has a significant decline in usage as the winter sets in. The additional usability would permit year-round events, including competitions and youth programs.

“The Dawson Creek Sportsman’s club has been waiting for over 25 years to actually have a replacement indoor facility for one that was decommissioned,” said Paul De Costa, Director, Dawson Creek Sportsman’s Club.The club has faithfully put money away on a yearly basis from its gun shows and with the financial support of this grant, our aspiration has come true. Our community and our club members are excited that such a facility will be available to utilize all year round.  Dawson Creek’s 1,480 members salute NDIT for assisting in making our dream come true.”

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