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City encourages residents to fill out census forms

The City of Prince George is encouraging all residents to take a few minutes in the coming days to fill out the 2021 Census at Every five years, Canadians are invited to participate in the census to help paint a picture of Canada’s population and the places Canadians live. By law, every household must complete the 2021 Census.

Residents will have started to receive their census package in the mail this week, which includes a mail-in form as well as a 16 digit secure access code. Residents can fill out a census and mail it in or submit their responses online.

The Census provides high-quality information on key socioeconomic trends and analysis that helps Canadians make important decisions that affect families, neighbourhoods and businesses.

Through the Census, the information provided by citizens is converted into statistics used by communities, businesses, and governments to plan services and make informed decisions about employment, education, health care, market development, and more.

“Data from the Census has direct impacts on our families and neighbourhoods,” says Lyn Hall, Mayor of Prince George. “The Census is an incredibly important tool that helps communities like ours obtain funding to improve our city and make decisions for programs, services, and infrastructure. I encourage everyone to complete the 2021 census.”

According to Statistics Canada, census data is critical to informing public policy, and is used for planning schools, hospitals, daycare centres, family services, public transportation, and skills training for employment. In addition, census data supports numerous municipal programs related to infrastructure and public transportation and is used to measure Canada’s development and environmental goals.

Information from the 2021 Census will also be used to help Canadian communities to evaluate the impact of the COVID‐19 pandemic and to plan for the future.

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