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Carrier Sekani Family Services receives reconciliation award

Marlaena, Barby, Clayton, and Sarah with Talking-Stick.

Carrier Sekani Family Services (CSFS) is one of the recipients of the 2021 British Columbia Reconciliation Award (

The award is in recognition of the Nowh Guna “Our Way” Foot in Both Worlds Carrier Agility Training. This award is was created through partnership between BC Achievement and The Office of the Lieutenant Governor of BC.

The Nowh Guna “Our Way” Foot in Both Worlds Carrier Agility Training started in 2017 as a training program for all people to learn basic information on Carrier culture as well as to acquire some basic tenets of cultural awareness and humility to best support communities and provide culturally competent services and service delivery.

“I am very happy to accept this award from the Lieutenant Governor of BC and BC Achievement, it is a wonderful recognition of our efforts in sharing our values and histories,” said Chief Corrina Leween, President of the Board of Carrier Sekani Family Services. “We see also see this award as an acknowledgement of the hard work and commitment from people who work at CSFS with diverse backgrounds and their contributions toward reconciling with past injustices.”

Now it its fifth year, the training program continues to be delivered, presently in digital form, and is now provided both internally and externally to organizations, business and agencies from across the Province as recognition of the training is increased

In 2020 CSFS celebrated 30 years of working hard to provide holistic wellness services for our member nations. Our organization was created to reassert First Nations control of justice, health, social and family services, all of which have suffered through the process of colonization. Our staff work together across various disciplines to provide the best possible holistic wellness services to First Nations people in Carrier and Sekani territory.

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