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#pgeggcellentcruise sees more than 2,500 participants

More than 2,500 people could be found searching for Waldo’s, honking for the Easter Bunny, driving through for free Easter treats, saying thanks to some local heroes, taking selfies around town and having a great time doing it during the Most EGGcellent Cruise Saturday.
Organizers and locations handled the high numbers well but had to improvise.
“We lost count of cars but had 450 by 12:30 p.m.” said Twyla Morgan who was overseeing the Westwood Church drive-through location. “We even had people stopping in that didn’t know what was going on. Some thought we were selling Girl Guide cookies and came to buy them. Very surprised when we gave them chips instead.”
The crew from Westwood had to go buy more chips twice during the day.

The Most EGGcellent Cruise had the goal of helping to break the lockdown blues and based on the turn out and response from so many online they seemed to have met their goal.
Jane Gauthier from Big Brothers Big Sisters was one of the event organizers.
“We had such a blast seeing all of the families and students pass through,” she said. “Thank you to everyone who came and saw us and to the many very hard working volunteers for making this possible. We love being able to give back to the community who give so much to us and the children we serve.”

The Most EGGcellent Cruise was another free city-wide event put on by Dave Horton and the community to help individuals build some positive memories through such hard times.
“My greatest hope is that today’s event helped someone get their head into a more positive and optimistic space,” he said. “That when we as a community look back at the pandemic that we have fun days like this to remember and not just dwell on the hard stuff. It has been a joy to run  Candy Cruise Prince George, The Family Day Adventure Cruise and help organize another 50 events like weddings, grads, drive in movies/trivia, funerals and more over this past year. Helping our community engage each other in safe ways has been a top priority for me.”

Prince George has become a leader in hosting free city-wide events to help their citizens through the pandemic. The community has united around events like these during the last year.
“I cannot say thanks enough to the army of people it takes to make these things come together,” said Dayna Penson one of the event organizers. “Prize donors, volunteers, organizers, those who shared it on social media, set up crews and those who ran give away stations. You have given back so much during a time where our community is feeling the affects of the pandemic. It takes a strong community to make these things happen and you all have proven again that Prince George is one of the greatest cities to live in”:
The Cruise also highlighted three local groups who have given back in the last 12 months. One activity was to find the huge Hearts of PG Heart hanging from a crane. Hundreds of cars drove past the folks from the COVID Birthday Parades to say thanks. As well the PG  Traditional Drummers played for all five hours near the hospital as cars lined up to say thanks and snap a photo.
When asked what was next Horton noted that he is open to helping run these city wide events but that he cannot carry as much as he has over the last 12 months.
“Local organizations are filling the gap for events more and more and my events, although fun, are starting to get in the way of the work these organizations need to get done. I am not a professional, I am just a dude. I was laid off when I started running events 12 months ago and at the time they were some of the few things that were happening for events. My work at Ness Lake Bible Camp, six kids at home and focus on helping with other events is spreading me a little thin. Vaccine roll out and the change of seasons means that mental health and community engagement will improve as we get closer to summer. I will happily help groups FM transmit events, plan and use my resources to run events like todays until the pandemic is over, but my efforts into these larger events will slow down for sure. Thanks to all the organizations and individuals who have made these incredible events happen.”

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