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Time flies, unless it drags

So as of today, we’re a quarter of the way through 2021.

It’s been kind of funny, over the last year, how many people I talk to who have the same reaction to time. Ask them what they’re doing that day, and they say, “I don’t know. The day just seems to drag, doesn’t it.”

Then you mention that it’s already the end of March, and they say, “Already? Seems like the year just started.”

I think this column is just going to be some random stuff as I go along. I used up a lot of mental energy on putting together those first three paragraphs on one topic, and I don’t think I can do it again.

Had a perfect example last week of why I love it when all the NFL experts do mock drafts starting right after the Super Bowl. I had seen a fair number of them, and every single one was blown out of the water in the space of a couple of hours on Friday. The Miami Dolphins made two trades, and went from having the number three pick in next month’s draft to having the number six pick; the San Francisco 49ers now have the number three pick; and the Philadelphia Eagles are now at number 12.

Almost every person analyzing the trades said the Dolphins were the easy winners in the trades. They dropped back three spots, which probably won’t affect who will be there for them to draft, and added a bunch more draft picks in the next couple of seasons. They’re a young team, and with that many draft picks, they’re going to get younger.

Tomorrow is April 1 and, to me and some of my friends, it’s the most important day of the year: Opening Day for Major League Baseball. The Toronto Blue Jays are going to start the season down in Florida, playing their ‘home’ games at their spring-training site, with hopes of getting to actually play in Toronto before the end of the season.

One of the big early days is exactly two weeks after the season opens. April 15 is Jackie Robinson Day across MLB, with every player wearing uniform number 42 as a tribute to the man who broke the colour barrier in 1947.

Robinson’s uniform has been retired across baseball for a number of years, but anyone who had that uniform number at the time was allowed to continue wearing it. The last player to wear his ‘own’ 42 in a game? Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees.

I have found one thing about going for walks the last week or so. The wind is a nasty thing. I’ll leave my apartment, and there will be little to no wind, so I head out.

The wind doesn’t just wait five minutes to change, making it easy for me to get back home. No, it waits 15 or 20 minutes, until I’m quite a distance from home, and then it starts howling, forcing me to make the long trek home in the middle of a bone-chilling gale. (Some artistic license taken in the previous sentence.)

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