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LETTER: Looking for lost love

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Attention: Darlene Richards, Prince George B.C.

We met at 16 years old in Chatham Ontario.
In July, 1959 I met you at the river.  It was late July.  I had a bad month.  I lost my father on July 10th and lost you three weeks later.
I met your mother.  She was visiting your grandmother at 137 King St. West in Chatham.
You wrote me a letter after you left. I did not write you back and that is a mistake I will always regret.  I could not afford to go 2650 miles to Prince George.  Buses, trains and telephone calls were expensive in 1959.
Darlene, please forgive me.  Please phone or write to me.  
I will pay a finders fee if anyone knows her.
Larry Trudell
39 Wilson Ave
Chatham, ON  N7L 1K8

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