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Springtime operations underway

Crews have been busy patching potholes this spring, and have started flushing sidewalks and road islands, and sweeping gutters along major routes through the city. City of Prince George photo

Saturday is the first day of spring,  and just as many residents greet the coming of spring by increasing household cleaning activities, so too do city crews move about city roads patching cracks and potholes and sweeping the streets of sand and dust after a long winter spent keeping snow and ice under control.

This week, crews have been flushing road islands and sidewalks, and have started sweeping gutters along major routes. Large-scale sweeping operations are expected to begin on the roads during the week of April 6, depending upon the weather. Learn more about sweeping operations on the City website.

Other operations currently underway include:

  • Road widening, ditch maintenance, and exposing drainage catch basins in curb and gutter areas to accommodate on-going snowmelt.
  • Removing excess snow from areas prone to localized flooding and puddles.
  • Exposing and removing snow and ice from curb and gutter areas to expedite sweeping operations.
  • Gravel road grading.
  • Vegetation control (trimming trees and bushes back from road right-of-ways).

These late winter and early spring operations have several benefits for residents:

  • Road line and pedestrian marker painting can occur earlier in the year.
  • Sweeping operations remove dust as well as sand and gravel, thus improving air quality.
  • Reducing the likelihood of municipal road, laneway, and private property flooding.

Learn more about Roads and Transportation activities and operations on the City website.

Line Painting

Road line painting operations typically occur later in the spring, and are subject to weather conditions, sweeping operations, contractor availability, and paving schedules.

Reminder: report a pothole!

Residents can assist crews in their efforts to keep roads as smooth and pothole and pond-free as possible by contacting the Service Centre when they spot a pothole or large puddle on the road:

Caution encouraged

Motorists are encouraged to exercise extra caution while driving as the snow melts during pothole and ponding season. Puddles of meltwater and ponding on the roads often hide potholes that can result in vehicle damage and personal injury if hit at a high rate of speed.


At this time of year, bears and other wildlife are waking up, hungry, and looking for food. Please store garbage and garbage carts securely and in a location where they will be hard for a bear to reach, such as in a garage or a shed.

Remove bear attractants such as bird feeders, fruit, and pet food and keep BBQs clean.

For further information about bears and wildlife in Prince George, please visit the City Bears and Wildlife page.

Winter parking restrictions in effect until April 15

Residents are reminded that winter parking restrictions remain in effect until April 15 each year:

  • Priority Ones and the Hospital District – On-street parking is prohibited from 10:00pm to 7:00am.
  • Downtown – On-street parking is prohibited from 12:00am to 7:00am.
  • Residential Areas – On-street parking is prohibited from 8:00am to 6:00pm. Parking on the side of the street with odd house numbers is permitted from 6:00pm to 8:00am unless otherwise posted.

Illegally parked vehicles are subject to a $50 ticket per offence and/or may be towed. For further information, please visit

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