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Chamber adopts new structure for membership dues

Todd Corrigall
Chamber of Commerce CEO Todd Corrigall

The Prince George Chamber of Commerce has changed to a new value-based membership dues structure, effective on April 1.

The new system, developed through extensive consultation with chamber members, stakeholders and staff, modernizes the way businesses interact with the chamber, and more closely aligns it with chambers globally who have undertaken similar processes.

“Over the past two years, we have been engaging with our members, chambers across Canada and the U.S. and listening to the needs of all businesses,” said Todd Corrigall, CEO, Prince George Chamber of Commerce. “As consumers, we need to have confidence in those we select to partner with. Value based programs, like our new membership tiers, provide members with direct access to the products and services they value most.”

The new membership dues structure, developed by the chamber’s membership committee, took more than 18 months. The committee consulted with member businesses and other chambers of commerce to craft each tier to ensure members are getting the most out of their membership. Highlights include: special member pricing for chamber events, unique marketing opportunities, access to the Chambers Plan group insurance, and a free one-year subscription to BC Business Magazine.

“We thank all those members who provided their feedback on this process, and applaud the tremendous work of our membership committee who undertook this incredibly challenging task.”

Membership tiers range from $250 to $5,000. The new, value-based structure replaces the old dues structure, which was in place for decades. To learn more about each tier, visit the Prince George Chamber of Commerce’s website.

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