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Snow weighing heavy on my mind

The worst thing about the snow Sunday morning was not the depth of it.

There was a lot of it, but nothing we hadn’t seen before in Prince George.

I found the worst thing was the weight. It had been reasonably warm Saturday night, around freezing, I think, and that meant the snow was thick and heavy.

I called my Mom to see about coming over to do her driveway, but she said she would give me a call back when she heard some of the neighbours out working on theirs. She didn’t want to make any noise shovelling on a Sunday morning.

She did call a little later, so I set off in my little car, wondering if I would be able to make it through the wet, heavy snow.

I made it to Mom’s place without too much trouble, just the street she lives on, being a side street, made for interesting driving.

I parked on the street by Mom’s, and saw half the driveway already cleared, obviously by a snowblower. This confused me a bit, since I knew Mom had figured the snow was too heavy for her little snowblower to work on.

When I got a bit closer, I saw one of Mom’s neighbours with his snowblower in the driveway. I waited until he finished the strip he was on, then went over and told him, “Mom isn’t going to be happy with you, doing her driveway”.

He laughed, and basically agreed with Mom that her little snowblower would never have been able to handle that weight of snow.

So Mom and I got out our shovels and followed behind him, cleaning things up as he went and getting a few little spots he couldn’t maneuver into.

About the only thing it looked like his snowblower was missing was a CD player. It made short work of the snow, and when he was finished and we had said our thank-yous and goodbyes, he was off to see if anyone else needed a hand.

As Mom and I were putting the shovels away, I mentioned to her how great it was to have a neighbour like that. She said if he hadn’t come over to help, there were a couple of other neighbours who would have.

And by the way, I wasn’t kidding when I told him Mom was going to be unhappy with him for doing the driveway. She views shovelling as the equivalent of the walk she usually gets during the summer, and which she resents the snow and cold of winter for taking away from her.

After all, the only other option is going on the treadmill downstairs, and she finds the scenery rather boring.

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