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Four Seasons Pool closed for good

If you were hoping for one last dip in the Four Seasons Pool before it gets demolished, you’re out of luck.

City council decided Monday to permanently close the 50-year-old facility, which has been shuttered since March due to the pandemic. Pandemic or not, the pool would have eventually been permanently closed and torn down when construction is finished on the new downtown pool in 2022.

Coun. Cori Ramsay put forward the motion to permanently close the Four Seasons Pool after council received a report seeking direction on whether to close it for good now, or re-open it for a short period of time sometime down the road … likely when the pandemic is over.

The permanent closure of the Four Seasons Pool may result in an eventual annual operating savings of between $150,000 and $200,000.

The downside, of course, would be the lack of extra pool facilities, specifically during a five-week stretch when the Aquatic Centre will be closed for maintenance in the summer.

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