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In through the out door

I had an experience at Pine Centre Mall on Saturday that had me going: “Hmmm.”

Actually, it was outside the mall. I was heading into the entrance near Coles and I saw all the doors had big, colourful signs on them. The outside doors had big green arrows pointing up and into the mall, while the middle set of doors had a couple of red signs with big black bars through them.

I understood this to mean you were supposed to use the doors to the left and right to enter the mall and the one in the middle to exit. To me, it seemed relatively straightforward.

Not so to the fellow in front of me. He walked past the door on the right (you know, one of the ones with the big green arrows on them) and entered through the doors in the middle (the ones with the signs that basically screamed ‘Do not enter’).

Now, admittedly, the doors in the middle were set on auto-open, so he was spared the whole ordeal of actually pulling the door open, but I wasn’t sure what he hoped to accomplish by this move.

I couldn’t see how it could be laziness because, as noted, he walked by the door you were supposed to enter the mall through to get to the other door.

I might have suspected it was laziness and that he wanted to just use the auto-open doors, but he seemed somewhat surprised when he walked past the centre doors and they opened.

I had gone to the mall to do some shopping, but also to get in some walking. It was Saturday, so there was no walking at CN Centre, where I normally go.

I was pleasantly surprised at the number of people who were doing the same thing as me and walking around the mall. It wasn’t open yet, so I knew they weren’t doing any shopping yet and were just there for the walking.

Some of them, as I have found at CN Centre, were walking at a pretty good pace, while others were out for more of a stroll. I have to admit on Saturday, I was one of the strollers.

My legs felt tired for some reason, and I didn’t feel like getting into an argument with them about the speed we were going.

I’ve done that in the past, but I didn’t have a leg to stand on in the argument. (I’m sorry for that one. I’ll give myself a timeout.)

I was glad I went for the walk at the mall for a couple of reasons. First, it gave me some exercise. Second, it reminded me there was another way to walk indoors besides CN Centre.

If you happen to be by the mall for walking over the next few Saturdays, keep an eye open for me. I’ll be the one moseying around, keeping as far to the right as possible so I don’t get run over.

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