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Dawson Creek rally organizer fined for violating public health orders

The organizer of a Dawson Creek protest against COVID-19 restrictions has been fined $2,300.

Dawson Creek RCMP monitored the December 12 protest and had previously met with the organizer on several occasions in an effort to ensure he was aware of his responsibilities under the current Provincial Health Order as the organizer of an event. Police say they provided the organizer a copy of the current Provincial Health Order pertaining to organizers of events and gatherings.

Police say the organizer refused to comply with the requirements of the Provincial Health Order and the protest did not follow the requirements of the Provincial Health Order, specifically:

  • more than 50 persons were in attendance
  • persons in attendance did not physically distance more than two metres
  • contact information for attendees was not obtained or retained for contact tracing
  • a COVID Safety Plan was not drafted by the organizer
  • hand sanitization/disinfectant was not made available to attendees

As a result, the organizer was fined $2300 under the COVID-19 Related Measures Act.

Dawson Creek RCMP will continue working with the organizer in an effort to support future peaceful and lawful protest gatherings which are in compliance of current Provincial Health Orders.

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