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COVID-19: Precautionary outbreak continued at Gateway Lodge

Northern Health is maintaining enhanced COVID-19 precautions on one unit at Gateway Lodge in Prince George, while the earlier precautionary outbreak declaration for another unit is considered over.

NH Medical Health Officers declared a precautionary outbreak in early December for the Cedar Wing at Gateway Lodge (upper west wing, second floor), based on criteria for declaring outbreaks in care settings. With no evidence of transmission of illness on Cedar Wing related to the confirmed case, the precautionary outbreak declaration has been lifted.

There remains no evidence of transmission of illness among staff and residents at Gateway, according to Northern Health, however a new single lab-confirmed case in a staff member has been identified on the Special Care Unit (East Wing). A precautionary outbreak has therefore been declared for this unit, and Northern Health Public Health is closely monitoring for additional cases. NH is taking steps to protect the health of staff and those they care for, with enhanced outbreak measures such as:

  • Cleaning and infection control measures have been enhanced
  • Increased symptom monitoring among all Gateway staff and residents
  • Limiting movement between the affected wing, and the rest of the facility

NH long-term care facilities have implemented very clear policies and procedures for COVID-19 infection prevention and control, and reducing the risk of transmission to residents, staff and physicians at Gateway.

The precautionary outbreak declaration for Gateway’s Special Care Unit will be in place until at least December 16, which is 14 days after any potential exposure to confirmed cases at the facility. If there is still no evidence of transmission of illness after that time, the outbreak can be declared over.

More information on public exposures, school exposures, and facility or community outbreaks of COVID-19 within the Northern Health region, is available here:

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