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BC Transit updates its face covering policy

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BC Transit has updated its mandatory face covering policy to align with the mandatory mask order implemented by the province.

It is required that customers are wearing face covering when on board a BC Transit vehicle. The order from the province also requires customers waiting at covered bus stops to be wearing a face covering. To ensure everyone’s safety and compliance with the new order, BC Transit is asking everyone to wear a face covering for your entire transit journey.

The exemption list is being adjusted to align with the provincial order. Exemptions include:

  • People with health conditions or with physical, cognitive or mental impairments who cannot wear one
  • People who cannot remove a mask on their own
  • Children under the age of 12

Transit Operators working alone behind a full driver door or vinyl panel are also exempt from wearing a face mask as indicated by Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry. Staff on board BC Transit vehicles and not behind a full driver door or vinyl panel will be required to wear a face covering unless they meet the exemption criteria.

Aligning with the province’s criteria, face shields will no longer be considered acceptable as a face covering as it has an opening below the mouth. For a list of face coverings that you can use please visit

BC Transit’s priority will continue to be on educating customers about the mandatory face covering policy. Current materials include signage on buses and at bus stops, onboard announcements (where available), and signage on our destination signs.

Transit Operators are responsible for the safe operation of their bus. As with any issues, the operator has the ability to report those being vocal to the noncompliance of the mask mandate to their transit supervisor or manager.

Under the order, BC Transit supervisors and managers will now have authority to enforce compliance with the assistance of local authorities if necessary.

It is important to remember there are reasons a person may not be able to wear a face covering.

BC Transit asks customers to please be kind to each other, and if someone is not wearing a face covering to assume they meet our exception criteria.

Customers who observe others not following the rules can report these instances to their local transit office. This information will help our team provide on-road support. Customers should not attempt to enforce the ministerial orders.

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