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City seeking feedback on recreation and well-being service delivery

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How can the City of Prince George be more effective, efficient, and equitable in the way it helps facilitate the delivery of local programming that enhances the quality of life for residents? The city is asking for feedback from residents about how it can best support non-profit organizations that provide recreation, sport, and well-being programs throughout city.   

Residents are encouraged to fill out the city’s Community Recreation and Well-being survey, which has just been published on the City website. The survey will be available until December 11.

“The Community Recreation/Well-being Survey is part of a comprehensive project to assess if changes to the current model of community support, which has not been reviewed since 1993, are required to help ensure residents can access the recreation and well-being services that are important to them,” said Chris Bone, Senior Manager of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships with the City of Prince George. “Information collected will help inform decisions about how the City can best allocate existing human and financial resources to help ensure community organizations receive the kinds of supports they need to remain viable and responsive.”

The city supports many non-profit organizations delivering community recreation and well-being programs and services. This support ranges from grants and service agreements, to low or no cost use of civic facilities and amenities.

Surveys and other public engagement opportunities, such as public hearings and committee membership openings, are available on the City’s engagement hub at

Residents who wish to receive information about future public consultation events and opportunities can also subscribe to receive email notifications from the City directly to their inbox (select “Public Consultations and Information sessions”).

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