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The cat’s out of the bag

The trouble with a kitten is that

Eventually it becomes a cat.

I am not going to say whether I agree with Ogden Nash on that point, but I did have the chance to observe some kittens and one cat on Saturday, and it was a fun (for the most part) experience.

The kittens were at the Prince George Humane Society, which was hosting a fundraiser which involved local celebrities being put in the doghouse and having to raise their pound fees in donations to get out.

No, I was not one of the celebrities. I am nowhere near that status.

I was there doing what I call the ‘grunt’ work for the River and the Drive radio stations. They were on location, and when they do remotes, I’m the person who sets the gear up before they go on the air and takes it down again when they finish.

We were set up close to a couple of different rooms, one of which housed somewhere between five and 42 kittens. It was almost impossible to get a count on them, since they were constantly on the move.

When they did wear themselves out late in the day, it was still hard to get a count on them because they were so small you couldn’t see how many were lying in the same bed.

I got a real feel for their speed when one of their ‘guests’ was making his way in to the room. He and one of the Humane Society volunteers opened the door, and about four kittens decided to make a run for it.

They almost escaped, but since all of those involved in thwarting the escape could easily pick up a kitten in one hand and still be able to pick up a second one if needed, their bid for freedom didn’t last long.

That said, it was a lot of fun taking a look through the window every once in a while, watching the kittens climb all over things (including each other) and get into ‘fights’ with each other.

A little earlier on Saturday, I was on my way home from an early-morning shift at CFIS when I spotted a small, dark shape in the road ahead. I slowed down and saw it was a cat, trying to cross the road.

The funny thing was almost always when you catch a cat in a bad situation, they usually give you a look that seems to suggest the whole thing was your fault.

Not this cat, though.

This one gave me a somewhat guilty look as it came to a stop and let me pass before continuing its cross-street journey.

I had never seen a cat look guilty before. Dogs, yes, frequently. Cats, never.

I guess there’s a first time for everything.

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